Luna Field Farm Review of The Salatin Semester

Lydia & WianThe Salatin Semester is jam packed with practical information from Joel & Daniel Salatin & the eco-farmers forum, made up of experienced farming folk and aspiring farmers from around the globe. The high quality video content combined with The Salatin Semester course book is an extremely valuable & timeless resource ready for those who are serious about taking their business to the next level, adding another enterprise, entering the world of direct farm marketing, or planning their entry into agriculture.

Our farm is a first generation start-up. We began with a lot of passion, a supportive community, limited capital, and no land title. Over the last 10 years our farm has grown to a point that it provides us our livelihood and is feeding many families. We operate a multispecies ‘Salatin style’ grazing operation. Before reveiwing The Salatin Semester we were very familiar with Polyface Farm. We had read and re-read Joel’s publications and we devoured books from farmers, graziers, and leaders in the food movement. Once we made the transition from off farm work to working full time on the farm we were beginning to feel that we needed a higher level of camaraderie with other farmers and graziers that shared our passion and were running similar businesses. It was incredibly refreshing for us to have access to a resource, like The Salatin Semester, filled with the bold and honest thoughts, experience and wisdom from people across North America and around the world with genuine skin-in-the-game!

shutterstock_331740527Given the immensely challenging task of organizing the plethora of thoughts, experiences and opinions from multiple corners of the globe the team at Verge Permaculture, including Andrew Bennett, the eco-farmers forum moderator, and Acres USA have done well to present the information in an accessible format. Key concepts and areas of interest are well organized in both video and written format. The companion book is a valuable “working” copy for day-to-day use, especially during the grueling learning curve imposed on those fortunate enough to endure and persist in climbing the “farming ladder”.


shutterstock_365583881The farm to fork movement is changing the food landscape in ways we are perhaps unable to appreciate yet. It is with all of our deepest commitment that we continue this work. We are indebted to the community of contributors who are leading this charge, including Joel, Daniel, and the Polyface team. The Salatin Semester is an example of a collaborative effort and is an amazing tool. Through continued collaboration we are able to show each other the way to achieve our mutually shared goals: clean air, clean water, nourishing food and a healthy relationship with the earth and each other.