256 Pages of Lunatic Farmer Answers to Real-World Student Questions

While Joel is known worldwide as a beyond-organic entrepreneurial farm educator, students always have questions….and we have captured the best of those questions (and their answers) from three months of forum interchanges in the 256-page Study Guide.  From farm philosophy to financing, pricing and marketing – from animal health to the management of poultry and small and large livestock – from feed and pastures to structures and fencing – this volume gives real-world answers to questions from aspiring farmers on five continents.

Preview more than 30 pages of content:

We couldn’t resist showing off with this sneak peek! Just a quick browse through the Table of Contents, the Foreword and Introduction gives you a hint at the dizzying range and depth of information that lies between these covers. All of the student forum’s best, most incisive questions and revealing answers, on every aspect of small-farm business management, are yours in this volume.

In 1961, when Polyface Farms began, it was the most worn-out, eroded, abused farm in the area. In this excerpt, you’ll learn Joel’s proven tactics for regenerating pastures with the help of your livestock; how to convert forest to pasture; and how to heal chemically treated land by restarting the soil ecology with organic matter.

Joel deals in depth with the Pigaerator concept in his workshops – but what about the practical details? Get the scoop here on perfect pigaerator candidates and how to house them, from structures to space to bedding, and – who knew? – secrets of the dynamic bedding relationship between your cattle and pigs in the hay shed.

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