18 Video Hours Of Unabridged Salatin Sagacity

This is it, folks – the pure gold heart of the Salatin Semester!  Three days’ worth of Joel’s irrepressible wit and wisdom in three mind-bending, life-changing workshops. No vague theorizing here – Joel gives you a full toolbox of practical how-to’s in each full-day class. From the bare-bones business planning to taking your small and large livestock to market, you’ll learn the entrepreneur’s approach to building a healthy, regenerative beyond-organic farm and providing a proud and prosperous legacy to your family and community!

There are 12 DVD’s covering the 3-part series:

See a sampling of Joel’s wit and wisdom in lectures and Q&A sessions here…

You’ll see dynamic, changing camera views as Joel paces, faces off, and gesticulates… audience pans and closeup shots of audience reactions…and of course, full views of all his slides. And you’ll see the priceless interactions between Joel and Rob and the audience during question periods.

Students of the real-time Salatin Semester have enthused:

  • Attending a 3 day Salatin workshop was a profound and inspiring experience for us – but a huge amount of info to process and retain! Thankfully the diverse, practical wisdom and experiences so clearly and effectively expressed in The Salatin Semester continue to provide and reinforce great farming principals and support the ongoing improvements we are making in our work and our lives.

    Janet Marshall, Riverridge Farms
    Janet Marshall, Riverridge FarmsFarmer (DeWinton, AB)

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