Joel and Daniel in Q&A, Polyface photos, and more!

6 hours of mp3 audio & more!

For our three-month Salatin Semester, Joel’s video workshops were just the beginning, as Joel and Daniel gave a total of six live Q&A teleclasses to top off the students’ networking and brainstorming on the online Forum.

We’ve added even more to that package now, with a Data Disk that includes these audio interviews, plus a virtual tour slideshow of Polyface Farms, plus an encyclopedic resource list of books, magazine articles, and useful websites…including live links for easy access!

Audio / Data Disk Contents:

Virtual Tour

Everything But the Hayseed In Your Hair!

If you live near Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia, it’s a simple matter to sign up for a hayride tour of Joel Salatin’s beyond-organic tour de force. For those of us farther afield, however, this show-all slideshow is the next best thing! From bucolic landscapes of the Polyface buildings and fields, to up-close portraits of the chickens, pigs, cattle and rabbits, to shots of all the buildings and equipment that make the farm functional, nothing is left out…even the cow patties, flies, and mycelium in the mulch get a close look. You’ll never get this much information at an industrial farm!

6 hours of Audio Recordings

If You Could Ask Joel and Daniel Just One Question…

Where one Salatin is audacious, two are outrageous! Joel and Daniel Salatin apply their expertise in real-time answers to students’ real-life questions in these six 90-minute, live-recorded Q&A sessions. Each of the three segments of the course (You Can Farm, Pastured Poultry Profits and Salad Bar Beef) featured two audio interviews, with student queries posed by the forum moderator Andrew Bennett. Here’s what you’ll receive (click the bolded titles to listen to special excerpts!)…

Electronic Resource List

For All the Questions That May Come to Your Mind….

So where can you go to learn more? Right here! Between Joel and Verge, we’ve prepared an encyclopedic resource list for you… and hyperlinked it to give you easy access to each online item. From books and magazine articles to websites and blog posts, you’ll have all you need to get a solid understanding of every aspect of small-farm life. From philosophy and management of a farm-as-business; to water, land and building management; to livestock and service animal care; to feeding and processing; this resource list covers it all.

A taste of the virtual tour

Live Recorded Q&A Interviews

(Listen to select excerpts linked below)

You Can Farm Segment:

  • Call 1: Joel Salatin on The Business Bedrock of the Successful Farm (90 mins)

Pastured Poultry Segment:

  • Call 2: Joel Salatin on Pastured Poultry Perspectives (90 mins)

Salad Bar Beef & Pigaerator Pork Segment:

  • Call 1: Joel Salatin on Disturbance & Grazing, The Sale Barn, Parasites, Pigs on Pasture, and more (90 mins)
  • Call 2: Daniel Salatin on Water, Fencing, Pasture & Cattle, Grazing Multiple Species & Slaughtering (90 mins)

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